About Jean


Jean William Naumann

has been a creative artist and innovative thinker his entire life. In junior high school, Jean received a personal letter from President Ronald Reagan thanking him for a portrait illustration that he drew and gave to the former president as a gift after the attempted assassination on his life. By high school Jean was already preparing for a career in the commercial art industry and later became a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in Visual Communication.

Jean began his art career in Pittsburgh and eventually travelled to New York City to build and expand upon his career. Since that time, Jean has acquired many valuable design skills and positions with some of the top agencies and Fortune 500 corporations in the United States. One of Jean’s passions throughout his career has been to discover and follow new state-of-the-art technologies and trends in his field. He is constantly looking around every corner to see what ‘s new and coming and then will acquire the training and development to bring more value to his clients and employers.

Jean’s strong background skills range from interactive design, brand building, UX and UI design, motion graphics, classic illustration, graphic and multimedia design, have helped to push him forward into the newer fields that are in demand today and in the future. All of his experience, skills, values, and knowledge over his career have developed him into a very valuable and productive asset for any corporation or client to utilize. This is not just a job or career for Jean, it is his passion and his life.

Here are some other strong points:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with an ability to present  creative offerings to internal and external audiences professionally
  • problem solving and working under pressure
  • Initiative, with a commitment to continuous learning and improving
  • Team player with the ability to both collaborate and work independently on projects
  • Strong organizational, planning and time-management abilities to be able to produce multiple projects simultaneously under tight deadlines
  • responsibility, passion, integrity, enthusiasm, loyalty and accountability for all of his work
  • a good sense of humor
  • Strong conceptual and design skills, with an ability to take work from concept through to final execution


Here are some of Jean’s achievements to date:






Capital One

New Innovative Digital Technologies and Trends
Was hired to provide newer and innovative digital technologies, UX and UI, and interactive trends and apply them to Capital One’s Brand Creative division. Jean also began introducing new trends and technologies to the social media platforms such as mini video banners and motion graphics. Jean also created in house Rich Media animated and static banners for different promotions and campaigns. Jean also created, concepts, wireframes, designs, user interfaces and digital assets, graphics, video, and animations for Capital One Small Business marketing campaigns. He introduced new and innovative designs, ideas and initiatives as well as more advanced, hi-tech upgrades including motion graphics, cinema-graphs, videos and animated banners to social media, web pages, web banners and emails on many small business channels.

Jean’s biggest accomplishment to date was excelling in social media for Small Business and as the digital art director, he contributed to winning two bronze awards and a silver award in April 2015 for three social media campaigns submitted to the Financial Communications Society(FCS) in the Social Media Advertising category.







Trouble Shooter E-Learning Interactive Tutorial
One of Jean’s first projects for Verizon was to design and build an E-Learning interactive tutorial called the Verizon Trouble Shooter. This online interactive tutorial was created to help customers with getting set up and running with their FiOS system. There were many design and functionality challenges that needed to be met and in the end it is one of my biggest achievements.

Ask Verizon Virtual Agent
Researched, discovered and presented a comprehensive and state-of-the-art virtual avatar system to top executives of Verizon FiOS. Once approved Jean became part of the team to design create and develop the “Ask Verizon Virtual Agent” avatar system. Jean discovered and worked with the 3D avatar company in creating 5 customized proprietary avatars to help answer the top questions asked by Verizon FiOS customers. He collaborated with the 3D avatar company in creating the look and the feel of each of the avatars  This avatar system greatly reduced over a million customer service calls in the first quarter of implementation in 2013.

Developed a New Image Assets System for Studio and Cable Networks
Jean created a revised system to manage the image and assets from the motion picture studios as well as from the cable networks. Jean developed stronger relationships with each the studios and networks which resulted in his department receiving more current releases and season premiere images and assets for free. In the past, the department was only getting several older and usually bottom of the barrel releases but Jean turned around the system to get the newest releases and would receive legal approvals in hours rather than it taking days or weeks as in the past. These images were then placed with permission on Verizon’s web pages, which helped entice more customers to get engaged in our marketing promotions and offers. Before Jean’s contract ended at Verizon, he was in the process of implementing more video trailers onto the company’s web pages that were now becoming available and being provided online by the motion picture studios and cable networks.







Smart Parts Inc

New Website
Created a new state-of-the-art Flash/html website which included Flash animated online tutorials for the Smart Parts top selling digital picture frames. This helped to reduce the large volume of customer service calls.

Digital Picture Frame Interactive CD ROM
Created E-Learning interactive CD ROM’s that were provided in several of the top selling digital picture frames to increase sales. This CD Rom showcased images and additional information on all of the top digital picture frame models that were available. It also provided tutorials on how to operate and trouble shoot these picture frames.

Parts and Accessories Online Shopping Solution
Created an online shopping solution for additional parts and accessories that customers kept requesting such as lost remote controls, power adapters and picture frame stands. As a result, the company generated over $15,000 in the first month of implementation.








New Brand Identity
Created a new logo and brand identity for the company.

New state-of-the-art corporate website
Created a new website using 3D and Flash animation to showcase the brand new kiosk technology that was now available.

Prototype Photo Work Station Kiosk for Hewlett Packard
Worked alongside the director of technology, who configured the hardware and software components, to design a Photo Work Station Kiosk that would be targeted at pharmaceutical chains across the United States. Submitted and presented concept and design to Hewlett Packard who awarded our company with the funding to build several prototypes for testing. Yes this was a concept targeted for Walgreens and Walmart before the Kodak Photo kiosk were ever created or implemented.







F& M Expressions Unlimited

New Flash interactive Website
Created a state of the art Flash based website for a new area known as Numberalls. The textures inside the number transfers matched various popular sports balls such as a football, basketball, soccer ball, volleyball and baseball. It was a big success. The interaction would allow you to place The different sports numbers onto a garment to see how it will look.

F&M’s Most Popular Stock Pieces Interactive CD ROM.
Jean created an interactive CD Rom that Featured the most popular stock art transfer pieces divided by categories. This CD ROM was created for the sales division to be able to use out in the field to present to their customers all of the latest and greatest pieces and generate additional revenue.




Amtrak’s Amazing October Display Penn Station Washington D.C.
Created a large 3o’wide x 11′ high backdrop display mural that was featured inside Penn Station, Washington D.C. for Amtrak’s Amazing October. This mural was used as a backdrop for some of the country’s top magicians to perform their magic show’s. This performance was hosted by Robin Leach of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”.